Danger of unauthorized access

The issue of digital security has been one of the most pressing for the last few years. Not surprisingly, this requirement extends to the software used by companies, including virtual data rooms. Platform developers are trying to provide the highest level of security for users of such data rooms, and one of the most affordable ways to secure your platform is to make authorized access to its options. To learn more about why access control should be mandatory for virtual data room users and what the threat of unauthorized access to company-wide data is, click here.


Why do you need data room access control?

Using a virtual data room in the work of the company is not only a safe but also a convenient way to organize the work process in any conditions. Because data rooms are gradually replacing previously used programs and applications, it is necessary to monitor who and how is using the options and contents of the file storage. This is as necessary for customers or third parties as it is for company employees themselves.

In addition, authorized access ensures the security of the workflow regardless of where employees are located. With remote workflow, it is simply impossible to monitor the use of corporate files, so it is necessary to establish control over employees’ actions using their accounts.


What are the risks of unregistered users for the company?

We should not forget that digital technologies are becoming more and more accessible not only for companies, but also for intruders. Therefore, if you think that authorized access to the corporate data room is not such a necessity, we suggest you pay attention to several reasons why you should control the users’ actions:

  1. Corporate data security. This is the most obvious reason for enforcing user control, but it doesn’t diminish its importance in any way. Corporate data is not only a significant body of company data but may also contain information that should not be divulged. It may be the data of your clients, as well as the information which concerns doing business.
  2. Reputation in the marketplace. If your data is not adequately protected, you cannot be trustworthy to your customers. And that runs the risk of losing them and losing profits. Unprotected access to your company’s data threatens not only the loss of important data itself, but also the possibility of its misuse, which already pulls problems not only for your company.
  3. Reduced operational efficiency. If your company does not keep a log of user activity, you will not be able to correctly assess the performance. You also won’t be able to be sure that you can find and use previously collected data that you might need to do your job. Instead of doing what needs to be done first, your employees will be distracted by searching for or creating new documents, and you will not be able to determine whose fault the error was.

Keep in mind that controlling user access to the virtual data room is one of the most affordable ways to protect your company. But its efficiency will be at a maximum level only in complex use with other tools of digital protection.